Cyclohexylamine is an organic compound that is grouped to the aliphatic amine type. It is a colorless liquid, although, like many amines components, they are often colored through their dissolved contaminants. Cyclohexylamine is known with C6H13N as its chemical formula. It smells like fish (ammonia)and it is miscible in water. Due to its nature and ammonia groups, it is a weak base. It is a beneficial intercurrent in the procurement of many other organic materials. This is a high consumable volume chemical with procurement over 1 million pounds annually in the U.S.
It is also called:

chemical formula:



Synthesis of cyclohexylamine

Cyclohexylamine is procured through two routes, the principal one known as hydrogenation of aniline in the presence of cobalt or nickel as the catalyst:


Cyclohexylamine Applications

Cyclohexylamine is used through the synthesis reaction of other organic compounds as an intermediate. It is the chemical precursor to materials with sulfenamide based reagents and it is used as accelerators for vulcanization. It may use as corrosion Preventive. Some sweeteners are made of this kind of amine, especially cyclamate. It is also used in hexazinone and the anesthetic production.
It has been used as an aid in the printing ink industry too. It is also used in a water treatment plant agent and to procure Sodium N-cyclohexylsulfamate. It is used in the metalworking fluids industry.


because of its low flash point at 28.6 °C, it is flammable. It is noxious by both ingestion and inhalation; the inhalation itself may cause death. It rapidly absorbs through the skin to the body, which may cause inflammation. And It is also corrosive. Cyclohexylamine is known as acutely hazardous materials as defined in Standards .the standard amount of cyclohexylamine that is allowed to be exposed by workers is less than 10 ppm (40 mg/m3) through an eight-hour work shift.

It ca cause earnest or continual injuries. It is highly flammable and can be ignited under almost all environmental temperature situations and this compound is totally stable in whole circumstances. Its vapor may go through a considerable distance
Through the combustion process, toxic oxides of nitrogen may exposure it is also attached to the nervous system. And related to standards 50-500 mg/kg can be lethal for a human.



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