HEDP | Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid

PolyacrylamideHEDP or Etidronic Acid or Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid is a corrosion inhibitor. The Molecular Formula is C2H8O7P2. It combines with Fe, Cu, and Zn ions and chelates those to form stable chelating compounds.it can melt the metal oxide of the metal surface as well. It has two states, solid like white crystal powder and liquid-like colorless to yellowish acidic liquid. HEDP in solid type is crystal powder. Due to its high purity, it is decent for usage in winter and freezing area.it has the best functional under temperature  250centigrade degree.it is stable in high PH.it hydrolyzed and decompose sorely under ordinary light and heat condition.

Molecular Formula:   C2H8O7P2

Molecular weight: 206.02

CAS No.  2809-21-4

Structural Formula:



Furthermore, this component is used in several industrial applications such as anti-corrosion and anti-deposition in circus system, in the basis of petroleum; low-Pressure Boilers and in metallurgy industry. this component is an essential element in cosmetic formulation for oppressing organizing free radical, stabilize emulsion and control viscosity.it is functional in Cosmetic industry, water refinery and Detergent .it is utilized in the middle of chemical materials in swimming pool as inhibitor.it keeps the color-blending sides the pool. HEDP Na2 use in cool water flow, medium boiler, water pipelines and Corrosion inhibitor in the field of electricity, chemical industry, manure and etc. HEDP Na2 use as detergents for metal and non-metal. In  Dyeing industry, HEDP Na2 use as peroxide Stabilizer and the coloring agent. In Nano cyanide plating, HEDP Na2 use as Chalet factor.  In spite of the above, the most used of this compound is in the water purification and water treatment area.



It is created by reaction Phosphorus dichloride with acetic acid or by reaction acetic acid/ stearic anhydride with Phosphoric acid.  STORAGE: It can save for 10 months in the shade and dry room.



All in all, this product is ascendant in the global market. The main reason of growth this matter in the global market is a high rate of the township, increase in revenue of consumer and the negative point of it is the undesirable effects of it such as weaken the body, skin problems, bone pain and etc.





Acidity, this combination should not be in contact with human hands or eyes. And in case of contact, immediately wash it with plenty of water.

Symbol (GHS):


Signal word: Danger


COA report:




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