Hydrofluoric Acid

The colorless fuming liquid solution of hydrogen fluoride in water known as hydrofluoric acid. On the one hand, this a kind of weak acid, on the other hand, it is the strongest inorganic acid with the chemical formula of HF and boiling point of 67. Its vapors are heavier than the air with a density of 8.2 lb/gal.

Hydrofluoric Acid Structure
Hydrofluoric Acid Structure

Application of Hydrofluoric Acid

It has different application such as, processing of petroleum, catalysts and raw materials in chemical industry, make different chemicals which contains fluorine, cooling agent, production of frying pan, propellant in aerosol cans, metals cleaning, glass etching, electronic devices, rust remover, etc.

Furthermore, this chemical compound would be used in production of aluminum and chlorofluorocarbon


This is extremely toxic substance. It can have penetrated before dissociation and have injured texture, skins and nails to large extent. Because it has made bound to cell containing calcium ions and has made them inactive. It is also possible to deprotonated and act as an acid and produce fluoride ion in the body.

Also, inhalation of these chemicals make severe damage to respiratory system in human body, as serious irritation and edema.


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