Morpholine is an organic chemical component with O(CH2CH2)2NH as its chemical formula. because it has atoms of at least two different elements as members of its ring(s) this chemical component is grouped in heterocyclic compounds and it contained both amine and ether functional groups. Because it has amine in its structure, morpholine is grouped in bases. and it reacts with acids to produce salt or acrylamide. Morpholine is a colorless liquid with a smell like fish (ammonia) and with the 100°F Flashpoint. Morpholine density is less than water and it is miscible in water and a variety of organic solvents like aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, and ether. it is partly miscible in oils. morpholine Vapors are heavier than air. It has limited miscibility in alkaline aqueous solutions
This component also known by these names:


Diethylene oximide
Diethylenimide oxide
Diethyleneimide oxide
Diethylene imidoxide

chemical formula:



Morpholine can be specified by gas chromatography (GC) liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ion chromatography (IC). Low concentrations of this compound in the air can be determined by the GC analyzer.

Morpholine synthesis

In the industrial scale, Morpholine is often procreated by the dehydration reaction of diethanolamine with sulfuric acid.


Morpholine application

It is guesstimated that around 25000 tons of morpholine per year are produced industrially globally. The main production procedure is the reaction between diethylene glycol and ammonia in the attendance of hydrogen and catalysts.
This compound also is used to make other chemicals and detergents. One of these compound applications is to avoid metals from corrosion especially in systems which are dealing with water like steam boiler systems; as an emulsifier in
cosmetics industry; a segregating factor for light amines; an
intermediate in the production of optical Illuminators; an intermediate agent for textile
lubricants, softening factor, as a collaborator, whitening factor, sizing emulsifiers, antioxidants, surface-active factor, plasticizers,
viscosity ameliorative and insecticides, herbicides, dyes, catalysts,
bactericides, analgesics, anesthesia agents.

Morpholine msds



Flammable liquid and vapor

Harmful if swallowed

Toxic in contact with skin

Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

Harmful to aquatic life

personal Precautions:

Keep away from heat, sparks, flames, hot areas, and No smoking because this compound is flammable.

Morpholine environmental impacts and effects on human health

Human and environmental disclosure arises and directly from some of its usages, containing, for instance, its use in the cosmetic industry and waxes and rubbers and corrosion inhibitor usage. As a result of its use in waxes and polishes, morpholine is released into the environment through vaporization. Morpholine is chemically permanent in the biosphere. Morpholine is a noxious compound consumed in industrial and agricultural purposes and can be absorbed
into the body through absorbency, aspiration, and through the skin and through its absorption it can affect the structure of the kidney and disrupted its activity. It also causes annoyance on metabolic mechanisms.


Influence of morpholine on changes in kidney tissue and white

blood cells of NMRI male Albino Mice, Zare K, PhD1, Adeli HR, MSc2*, Naeimi N, MSc3, Naghizadeh A, PhD


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