White spirit

White spirit is a clear liquid derived from petroleum distillation and uses as a common organic solvent. This chemical known as mineral spirit, varsol, stoddard solvent, petroleum spirit, or generally paint thinner. It is insoluble in water with the boiling point of 140-220 .

white spirit
           white spirit

There are three different grades and types of white spirit based on the function of solvent for hydrodesulphurization, solvent extraction, hydrogenation. Each type also includes three grads, like, low flash grade, regular flash grade, high flash grade the grade will be determined according to crude oil as a starting material and kind of distillation.

Production of white spirit

White spirit production is based on petroleum and hydrotreated kerosene with complex additives to prevent yellowing.

Application of White spirit

The main usage of white spirit is as a paint thinner. Also, it is mostly used cleaning agent. Given below are some of its uses.

  • Extraction solvent
  • Cleaning solvents for auto parts and tools
  • Degreasing solvent
  • Solvent for aerosols, paint, wood preservatives, lacquers, varnishes, asphalt products
  • Starter fluid for charcoal grills
  • Thread cutting and reaming lubricant
  • As an active ingredient in laundry soap
  • Dissolve oil and grease in laundry stain
  • To eliminate the contagious oil urushiol in poison ivy
  • To clean screen painting
  • Liquid-filled compasses and gauges
  • As a major ingredient in automobile fuels/oil additives
  • Cutting fluid in ultraprecision lathes

Health effect and Toxicity:

White spirit, mainly known as an irritant and its direct contact would lead to serious dangerous for health of humans. Acute exposure can be risky to central nervous system depression.

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