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Mineral Base Chemicals
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Industrial Chemicals
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Food Additives
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Rubber Additives
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Monomers and Polymers

The chemical industry is one of the largest types of manufacturing industries in developed or developing countries. Many of the everyday products we use are related to this large industry. Because the chemical industry is based on science and technology, its development is more important in developed countries.

Chemical Supplier and manufacturer in China

China has seen significant growth in the chemical industry in recent years, with half of the world’s chemical industry growth over the past two decades due to China alone. One of the reasons for China’s importance in the world economy is its geographical location. China’s access to open waters, and more importantly, its geographical location, has made it economically attractive to many countries.

There are three categories of companies selling chemicals in China, one group of companies that are both producers and sellers. The other category is companies that are the only producers of chemicals, and the last category is companies that act as representatives of reputable international brands and are their importers and sellers.

Shanghai Chemex group Ltd; As a Chemical Supplier and Manufacturer in China, while guaranteeing the quality of goods in accordance with standard analysis and reasonable prices, it is ready to provide services in the field of supply and sale of chemicals required by industries and manufacturers. Some of the chemical raw materials used in various industries produced by this company are: Phosphoric acid, Potassium carbonate, HEDP, EDTA-2Na, EDTA-4Na, Isothiazolinone, etc. These chemical compounds are used in the manufacture of many products and goods, and their lack of supply can cause major problems.


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