Shanghai Chemex group Ltd; As a supplier and manufacturer of chemicals, produces standard quality chemicals in accordance with global standard analyses by employing qualified specialists, using technology and global standards, and benefiting from an advanced production line.

shanghai Chemex has a variety of products in various fields of water treatment, food industry, pharmaceuticals, detergents, industrial chemicals, plating, chemical solvents, rubber additives, and agricultural chemicals. To view the purchase process and how to buy, you can read the product ordering guide.

To order the product from us, just follow the steps below:

1. First, visit the Shanghai Chemex website at :




2. Or search the “Shanghai Chemex” with the Google search engine:




3. Then enter the site and in the search field, enter the name of the chemical you want and select:




4. If the substance you are looking for is in a specific category of chemical products, you can also find it through categories:




5. Both 3 & 4 steps lead you to product pages that have product information and its analysis sheet:



6. Now to buy chemicals from Shanghai Chemex using the communication channels on the site (via live chat, email, or phone number) you can contact the experts of the sales department:


In connection with our experts, you can inquire about inventory status, price, grade, purity percentage, shipping time, payment method, and other items.