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Phosphoric Acid in the Food Industry

Phosphoric Acid in the Food Industry

Phosphoric acid is one of the most popular and widely used acids in the food industry. This acid is in the category of weak acids and is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables.

The main purpose of adding this mineral acid to food is to increase shelf life, improve food texture, improve quality and also regulate the pH of the environment.

Phosphoric acid, the second most widely used acid in the world, has many applications due to its defined properties. In the following, we will describe the most important uses of phosphoric acid in the food industry.

What Foods Contain Phosphoric Acid?

It is interesting to know that due to its reasonable price and the preservative properties of various food products, phosphoric acid is known as a popular raw material among food manufacturers. In addition to beverages and bakery products, it can be found in cheeses and other dairy products as well as meat products.

Dairy Products:

Phosphoric acid salts are chemicals used in many dairy products; The reason for adding phosphoric acid to dairy products is to increase shelf life and quality.

phosphoric acid in dairy products

phosphate salts derived from phosphoric acid have the ability to regulate the pH of food. Therefore, these salts are used in dairy production to modify existing proteins. Dough, milk, butter, cheese, and cream Dairy products contain this mineral acid. Among dairy products, cheeses are the most consumed of this substance. If you look closely at the ingredients on the dairy packaging, you will see the name of phosphoric acid or its derivatives.

Beverages and Sodas:

In the production of beverages and sodas, a phosphoric acid solution is used to regulate the pH, prevent the growth and development of microorganisms, and also increase the taste. This substance has a sour and pleasant taste and this sour taste has made it popular. Placing phosphoric acid along with calcium helps to improve bone growth and strengthen teeth due to its high phosphorus content. In addition to its bony properties, phosphorus also promotes muscle growth and DNA.

Processed Foods:

Processed food companies use this substance to retain moisture and enhance the better taste. The salts used in all processed foods are all salts derived from phosphoric acid. Details of additives to these products were usually included in the packaging. Dicalcium phosphate, hexametaphosphate, sodium phosphate, and tricalcium phosphate salts are examples of these salts.

Jams and Baking Powder:

Some jams that have a slightly sour and hearty taste contain this substance. Baking powders used in baking cakes, bread, and pastries also contain phosphoric acid.

phosphoric acid in jams

Is Phosphoric Acid Safe in Food?

Although many studies have proven the safety of phosphoric acid in food products, there are some studies that show the negative impact of phosphoric acid on human health. Here are some of these negative effects:

Credible study sources show that consuming too much phosphoric acid can put you at serious risk for osteoporosis and a variety of heart diseases. Calcium and phosphorus work together to form and maintain healthy teeth and bones, and both are necessary for this.

Excessive phosphorus intake can greatly reduce the amount of calcium in the body and lead to bone loss or weakness. It can also reduce your body’s ability to use other minerals such as iron, zinc, and magnesium.


In addition to all that we have said about phosphoric acid, we must add that this acid as an additive in some food products and beverages, if used according to standards and regulations, will not have a negative impact on human health. However, it can be harmful to the health of some people.

So we can only advise you to be more careful in choosing different food products and consuming them in your diet and not to endanger your health by controlling the chemicals present in food products.

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4 thoughts on “Phosphoric Acid in the Food Industry

  1. laraa says:

    Does coffee contain phosphoric acid?

    1. china chemicals says:

      phosphoric acid makes up less than 1% of the dry matter of coffee, and many researchers believe that phosphoric acid plays an important role in regulating coffee acidity.

  2. Mary says:

    What fruits are high in phosphorus?

    1. china chemicals says:

      Most fruits are fairly low in phosphorus, but some contain more than others. Some of the highest phosphorus fruits include raisins, passion fruit, avocado, currants, kiwi, raspberries, nectarine, strawberries, apricot, and peach.

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