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Polymers used in water treatment are of high water solubility and they are synthetic, although a few natural polymers use because of their awesome characteristics. Polymers are broadly specified by their ionic content: cationic, anionic and non-ionic. indeed, ionic polymers should be named polyelectrolytes, although this phrase is not always pursued. One of these polymers which known as an efficacious polyelectrolyte is Polyacrylamide.

This polymer is widely used as a flocculant in the treatment of both industrial and municipal wastewater. And as its high separation and purification feature, it can be used in a wide range of industrial wastewater treatments like chemical industries, food industries, inorganic suspensions like kaolin and bentonite, effluents containing colors, paper industries, effluents containing metal ions and limited extent purified sewage. According to the tables below each industry can select desired items due to its application and related industry even drinking water purification and sewage treatment.

product code charge density molecular weight 
C1250CF high high
C1260CF high high
C1270CF high high
C1280CF high high
C8020CF medium high
C8030BF medium medium
C8030CF  medium high
C8035BF  medium medium
C8035CF  medium high
C8040BF  medium medium
C8040CF  medium high


product code charge density molecular weight 
A456 medium medium
A556 high high
A756 high medium


product code charge density  molecular weight 
RY540C medium middle high
RY560C high middle high
RY580C high middle high
RY1525 medium high


In this part, some examples of how an industry can select these electrolytes as flocculant for treatment of its wastewater are described.

For instance, drinking water grade PAM is mainly used in water purification and sugar making industries, fermentation industries and, etc. and also for treatment of raw water both polyacrylamide and poly aluminum chloride can be applied to separation and flocculation of solid and liquid phases but using PAM will reduce other additives amount that lead to diminish in costs and remained sludge.



polyelectrolyte polyelectrolyte

industrial grade polyelectrolytes


For this purpose, these two grades of PAM A556PWG, A656PWG is Recommended. In food industries like sugar producing PAM is sufficient in the purification of the solution and high performance of flocculation so A756PWG is Recommended for this purpose. for treatment of sugar cane molasses industry mixture of conventional coagulants like poly aluminum chloride and PAM give us a brilliant result and for this purpose, these two grades are recommended. in industrial fermentation to purification solutions from solids these grades A556PWG, A756PWG and also C8040PWG, are recommended.

product code charge density molecular weight 
A245PWG low low
A345PWG low middle low
A456PWG medium medium
A556PWG high high
A756PWG high medium
C8020PWG medium high
C8040PWG medium high


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