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What is Organic Fertilizer In Agriculture?

organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are high-consumption agricultural products that help the growth of fruits and vegetables or plants.

Definition of organic fertilizers:

Products made from natural materials, animal and poultry manure, crop waste, and materials such as approved sewage sludge are called organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers generally contain large amounts of amino acids, and plant growth regulators (other than plant hormones) that are not harmful to environmental health. Organic fertilizers are generally an organic chemical based on compost, bentonite, and other additives.

organic fertilizer

The use of organic fertilizers and agrochemicals in the agricultural industry has many benefits. For example, the use of this type of fertilizer improves soil structure and increases the ability to retain water. Organic fertilizers are generally environmentally friendly and like chemical fertilizers are harmful to environmental health.

The main value and importance of organic fertilizers are due to the physical changes they cause in the soil and cause the best growth of plants and agricultural products.

Organic fertilizers are divided into several categories: animal fertilizers, plant fertilizers, green manures, or compost fertilizers.

The use of organic fertilizer is not harmful to the soil and its use in high quantities does not harm the health of the crop.

Organic fertilizer is very useful for growing various vegetables, increasing fruit fertility and strengthening the sown seeds, and also promotes soil health.

Many fertilizers used in the agricultural industry include potassium and phosphate, such as diammonium phosphate (DEP), potassium sulfate, and mono ammonium phosphate.

Organic matter mainly plays two basic roles in soil:

  1. It provides some of the nutrients needed by plants and soil organisms.

2.Improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil. These benefits have made this type of fertilizer popular in the agricultural industry.

organic fertilizer

The most important types of organic fertilizers are as follows:

Alfalfa meal; cottonseed meal; corn gluten meal; rock phosphate; cow manure; greensand; compost; soybean meal and blood meal.

The production of organic fertilizer:

In general, the process of fertilizer production can be done in three different stages:

  • In the first method, animal waste is composted, this process is usually time-consuming and the product produced from it is dry and has a very small amount of nitrogen.
  • The second method is that usually the animal waste is collected from poultry farms and composted in stages, then the product obtained is dried by adding disinfectants, the product produced by this method is less polluted. It is very suitable for plants.

organic fertilizer

  • In the third method, the poultry waste is dried with a relatively high percentage of water and in the next step, phosphate is added to them, then the product is dried, the final product of copper can be in the form of granules or powder.


What is the difference between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer?

Most organic fertilizers are absorbed by the soil after decomposition and can increase soil pores and reduce crude weight. These compounds are usually of natural origin and improve soil structure.

organic fertilizer

But chemical fertilizers are of artificial origin and have beneficial nutrients for plant growth in their structure, chemical fertilizers generally cannot make positive changes in soil structure.

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