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Petrochemical Products and their Uses

Petrochemical Products

The Petrochemical industry is the part of the chemical industry that produces chemical products from raw materials derived from oil or natural gas. Today, in addition to consumption in the field of vehicle fuel, engine oil, etc, petroleum products have a valuable role in providing many parts needed to make vehicles. Crude oil and natural gas have been used since the twentieth century as key and important raw materials in the production of various compounds needed by humans. In general, crude oil has become a key material for human daily life since the twentieth century, which provided all kinds of human energy needs and led to the growth and development of human life.

Types of Petrochemical Products?

Generally, products produced by petrochemicals can be divided into three general categories:

The first category is basic products, which include ethylene, propylene, gasoline, ammonia, etc. The second category is products that are produced from basic products, such as granules of polymeric materials as well as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polypropylene (PP) granules, and the last category is the final products that are produced by operation and processing on intermediate products, such as polymeric products that are used in the automotive industry.

Petrochemical industry

The category mentioned above is a general category for petrochemical products, to be more precise, petrochemical products can be divided into the following materials:


residual fuels of butane, ethane, and liquefied petroleum gas, are in this category.

Basic Chemicals:

These substances are very diverse and the most important of them include Triethylene glycol, sodium, methanol, acetic acid, and phosphoric acid, which are produced and supplied in the highest quality by Shanghai Chemex Company.

Polymer Products:

include various types of the most important and most widely used materials required by the polymer manufacturing industry, such as rubber, plastics, and resins, and the main ones are polyethylene, synthetic rubber, epoxy resins, polycarbonate, and polyvinyl chloride.

Aromatic compounds:

Benzene and xylene are in this category of petrochemical products.

Chemical Fertilizers:

Ammonium nitrate, ammonium persulfate, and urea are the most important chemical fertilizers produced by the petrochemical industry.

What are the Uses of Petrochemical Products?

The products that are produced in petrochemicals are the consumables of a wide range of different and important industries. In the following, we will introduce these industries:


Medical industries and equipment used, make many uses of petrochemical products, and resins produced in the petrochemical industry are used in the production of various drugs, this has a significant impact on reducing costs and increasing the speed of drug production.

In bio-applications and to make all kinds of tissues and artificial limbs, these materials are used. Another application of these materials is in the production of medical equipment, which includes a wide range of equipment.


Agricultural industries are a big target market for petrochemical products, these products are used in the production of chemical fertilizers, and various pesticides.

Petrochemical products in Agricultural Industries


Most ready-to-eat foods contain a wide range of chemical additives that are used to increase shelf life and increase the quality of flavor or color. Petrochemical products have large uses in the production of food additives, especially preservatives.

Automotive Industry:

Polymers make up a large part of the types of parts used in all types of cars. These raw materials, which are important petrochemical products, are used in the manufacture of bumpers, dashboards, tabs, and car tires.

Household Products:

Other important industries that use petrochemical products are household products such as carpets, detergents, and home appliance parts.

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